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Around Bitterwasser

Bitterwasser, the green oasis in the nothingness

Bitterwasser is not located at a main tourist attraction of the country. But the Kalahari has a lot to offer: the play of colors in the landscape, the diverse plant life, the many wild animals and last but not least the clear nights with their indescribable starry skies.
During a safari drive you can observe giraffes, zebras, springboks, impala and oryx. The giant bustards are also at home here. A short trip to one of the directly neighboring animal parks brings cheetahs, rhinoceros, lions and elephants. Less obvious, but no less interesting is the meeting of the trusting and so docile meerkats. Flamingos of the arts are sometimes guests in the rainy season. For plant lovers, we have a specially designated trail in Bitterwasser that leads the attentive observer to signposted grasses and trees.

By African standards, it is not far to the country's major attractions: to the Fish River Canyon, the river course cut up to 500 m deep in the south of the country, to Sossusvlei, the huge shifting sand dunes on the edge of the Namib, to Ai Ai, the hot springs in the Namib, or the coastal town of Swakopmnd with its colonial-era Wilhelminian architecture.

Game Drive

Kudus, springboks, giraffes, zebras and oryx are at home on the guest farm. During a game drive, an excursion with one of the off-road vehicles, they can be tracked down for a photo.


The late afternoon excursions to the Sun downer on one of the sand dunes accompanies the most beautiful light of the setting sun over the glowing Kalahari.

World of Birds

The irrigated many greenery and trees of the lodge attract the most colorful bird life to Bitterwasser. Most interesting: the funny weaver birds with their hanging nests.

Sun downer

Saying goodbye to the day with a glass of champagne. No they are not kitschy, the sunsets on the horizon over the glowing Kalahari.


The big ones need a lot of space. Namibia offers it. Bitterwasser itself would be too narrow for these typical African representatives.


The neighboring game park Intu Afrika can be explored with a San, a native of Namibia.